Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dark Goddesses

I have to ask - why do *some* Neo-Wiccans honor dark goddesses? Perhaps I am choosing to pick on them due to recent conversations about the Rede or perhaps they are simply easy targets, but it is a relevant question. Neo-Wiccans preach the Wiccan Rede as a main principle of their beliefs. Yet, when asked about the deities they honor, inevitably The Morrigan will enter the conversation, especially around Samhain. I even had one person tell me that when The Morrigan calls people it doesn't have to have to do with death, war or lust. Well - this is what I think of that -

Are you kidding me? Okay new agers, you don't get to pick and choose the aspects of a deity you agree with and ignore the rest. If you truly believe a Goddess of War, Death and Destruction (amongst other things) called you to be a bearer of light...YOU ARE CLUELESS. You are right up there with the people that think Hecate, Kali and Nuit called them to pass on happiness to the world.

Let me let you in on something...none of those deities called you. How do I know? Because you would actually feel a TRUE connection with them to include the aspects that society may not agree with. The Morrigan revels in death, thrives on battle and will kill you if you deny Her sex (and She won't just kill you, She'll screw with your mind first). How do I know this? I have actually read the myths about Her! Maybe you should try it some time! Then you make actually know if you connect to Her or not.

Good Gods people...this isn't a sunshine and rainbows world and despite the crap you want to believe about the ancient societies, they weren't all love and light either. The Celtic speakers were known for their warrior status and yes, they DID take part in human sacrifice (no different than the death penalty today). The Romans threw men to the lion's den for their own amusement. The Greeks performed animal sacrifice daily. These are things modern society doesn't agree with and if you agree with modern society, that's fine - more power to you, but do not lay claim to a deity in which I follow and then blatantly disrespect Her by molding Her into some love and light deity that you think is cool to follow and yet perfectly acceptable to ignore.

The Gods are not around for your personal amusement. If you truly believe in what you claim then you will go out of your way to understand deity and either move on from the deities that don't fit your choice of life or you will realize that if a deity called you, then Their function will apply to you at some point soon. The Gods do not fit you - you fit them. You do not call them - they call you. They have earned that ability. You have not!

"Its a narcissistic flaw to be more obsessed with ones own gratification than any kind of duty to the Gods." - Julia Zay (Ms. Poisoned Spoon)

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  1. While I am not a Pagan, I often do see this from time to time (in both Paganism and Christianity). People viewing certain deities in ways they truly aren't.
    Also, I had seen in some Charges of the Dark Goddess that people mention the name Black Madonna. Isn't that supposed to be a Christian thing? A statue of the Virgin Mary that's just black or dark?