Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Embracing Me

I don't hide from the fact that I have probably ticked off a good majority of the online pagan community at one point or another. Ask around about me in the Celtic Reconstructionist pagan community and no doubt, you'll get some pretty harsh words. Ask about me in the Druid community, and you'll probably get a bit nicer reply, only because they tend to be a more politically correct. The reason? Simple! I speak my mind and I question everything.

I wrote the below a few years ago, but I think it speaks volumes about my point of view. Take it or leave it, but one way or another, I might just get you to think outside of the box (while you're yelling at me):

"There are those that think my asking for references is excessive. It is funny to me that the Druidic path is to find truth, but asking how and why is rude, attacking or simply wrong. We are not supposed to question anyone else's conclusions because as long as the majority say something is correct, it must be.

How is one supposed to learn and truly understand if they don't get the answer to why? Blind faith is hardly a part of Druidism so why should it be any different questioning the world around us as questioning the person beside us? In a path built on the pursuit of truth there is a whole lot of contradicting messages being sent. Go out there and find truth, but if the majority agrees it MUST be right so don't start trouble by asking questions.

Screw that, ask why and keep asking until you get an answer or at least have a better grasp on the subject. It is your right as a Druid to know why so don't be afraid to ask!"

I'm not an expert by any means and never will be. I make no qualms about that. I do, however, speak bluntly and openly about everything. I promise not to baffle you with bullshit, but I will open up some doors you may not like looking through.

I am who I am. I make no apologies for that.

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